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  1. LAN failure

    I came home to a seemingly fine PC today. This was not the case: First off I couldn’t look at this site. Second, wouldn’t load. Third, I had no LAN connection.

    Odd. Checking my switch, I saw that there were no lights at all. For some …

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  2. Code

    So this is a test of code in markdown with Pelican.

    For Python:

    import readline, rlcompleter
    readline.parse_and_bind("tab: complete")
    print("Hello world!")

    For C++:

    #include <iostream>
    int main() {
        std::cout << "Hello world!" << std::endl;

    And for LaTeX

    e^{i \pi} = -1
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  3. Bash-fu

    The command line is very powerful: There are a few tools to learn that do very simple jobs, but piping their output to each other allows you to get things done without scripting. Here’s an example for downloading specific files in a grid dataset.

    dataset="user.brooks.mc11_7TeV.555555 …
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